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We are developing a system to assess and map ecosystem services across Alberta to better understand how planning and management decisions affect the landscape and increase benefits to Albertans.

A new approach to habitat recovery could help threatened woodland caribou

The ABMI's Caribou Monitoring Unit is on a roll! Fresh from the recent release of new research on the relationship between moose hunting, predatory wolves, and threatened woodland caribou, the CMU is at it again. This time, they've found a promising new way to prioritize the restoration of abandoned [...]

Ecosystem Services and Wetlands: A Workshop Synopsis

The workshop synopsis provides a concise overview of the workshop, including the introductory and contextual presentations, as well as the key points from the subsequent facilitated question discussions.

Pigeon Lake Phosphorus Runoff Modelling

Final Report - Current Conditions, Development & Restoration Scenarios



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Without the support of these wonderful people, the work we do would simply not be possible. Thank you!

Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency
Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions
Alverta Innovates Technology Futures
Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions
Alverta Innovates Technology Futures
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The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute conducts world-class monitoring of more than 2500 species and habitats in Alberta. The ABMI leads projects like this one to demonstrate the application of ABMI’s data and expertise to critical environmental planning and management questions.