Diversity and abundance of native bees in Alberta's prairies

Kohler, M., A. Sturm, C. Carlyle, and J. Manson  February 18, 2016

Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference, Saskatoon, SK.


Province-Wide Assessment of Grassland Carbon Storage: Challenges, Opportunities and Potential Applications

Iravani, M.  April 14, 2015

Grassland Carbon Workshop, Edmonton.


Mapping Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services in Alberta

Farr, D.  March 25, 2015

Natural Capital Symposium, Stanford CA


Why Conserve Biodiversity

Farr, D.  March 22, 2015

Presentation to Alberta Chapter, The Wildlife Society


Mapping Alberta's Ecosystem Services via Spatially Expicit Modelling

Habib, T.  March 22, 2015

Presentation to Alberta Chapter of the Wildlife Society Conference.


A Geographically Broad Assessment of Rangeland Ecosystem Services

White, S.R., D. Farr and T. Habib.  December 4, 2014

The Northern Great Plains Section of the Society for Range Management Conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


How Much Is Nature Worth?

Farr, D., Butterworth, E., Habib, T., Morrison, S., Ryerson, D., and White, S.  June 17, 2014

Future Fare - Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA), Edmonton, Alberta.


Economic and ecological outcomes of flexible biodiversity offset systems

Habib, T.  March 8, 2014

Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society 2014 Annual Conference. Jasper, Alberta.


Biodiversity Indicators: Experience from Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

White, S.  March 4, 2014

LEAP Biodiversity TAG 1st Workshop. Rome, Italy.


A Geographically-Broad Assessment of Rangeland Ecosystem Services and Influence of Grazing Management

White, S.R., T.J. Habib and D. Farr.  February 12, 2014

Presentation to Society for Range Management – 67th Annual International Meeting, Orlando, Florida.


Ecosystem Services Assessment for Environmental Innovation & Competitiveness

Habib, T.  December 13, 2013

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute.


Overview of the Ecosystem Services Assessment Project & Outcomes of Flexible Biodiversity Offsets Systems

Habib, T.  December 17, 2013

Information Session for Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development Southeast Alberta Pilot Team. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.


Current and Future Biodiversity Intactness Assessment of the OSLI and LEAP Project

Habib, T.  December 3, 2013

ALGAR Steering Committee. Edmonton, Alberta.


Assessment of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

Farr, D.  November 27, 2013

Alberta Innovates – Bio Solutions Information Session, Lister Centre, University of Alberta Campus. Edmonton, Alberta.


Four Uses of Alberta’s Biodiversity Monitoring System

Farr, D.  October 23, 2013

Better Environmental Management Through Monitoring Speaker Series, Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, Alberta.


Economic and Ecological Outcomes of Flexible Biodiversity Offset Systems

Habib, T., D. Farr, R. Schneider and S. Boutin. October  October 9, 2013

International Boreal Forest Research Association Conference. Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta.


Ecosystem Services Assessment for Environmental Innovation and Competitiveness

Farr, D.  June 18, 2013

Future Fare 2013. Red Deer, Alberta.


Integration, meaning and application of data in Alberta's environmental monitoring system

Farr, D.  May 14, 2013

Presentation to Environmental Policy Panel: Analytics in Alberta’s Environmental Monitoring System. Analytics, Big Data and the Cloud II. Edmonton.


Ecosystem Services and Conservation Offsets

Habib, T.  February 16, 2013

Presentation to Sharing the Wealth, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions working meeting, Edmonton, Alberta.


Latest Entries

Ecosystem Services and Wetlands: A Workshop Synopsis

The workshop synopsis provides a concise overview of the workshop, including the introductory and contextual presentations, as well as the key points from the subsequent facilitated question discussions.

Pigeon Lake Phosphorus Runoff Modelling

Final Report - Current Conditions, Development & Restoration Scenarios

Wetlands and their benefits: review and synthesis of tools and models assessing wetland ecosystem services.

A report prepared for the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute and the Alberta North American Waterfowl Management Plan Partnership.